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Hi, I'm Coach K, 
"I help individuals and organizations UNLEASH their potential and thrive in their PURPOSE and WELLBEING..."  

About Me

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Kalyela “Coach K” Joseph (she/her) is a Speaker, Coach, and LGBTQ+ Advocate who utilizes holistic strategies to inspire others to find their life’s purpose. Her proven trifecta formula of human energy management, resilience, and life’s purpose has helped

thousands of professionals elevate their performance. 


Her empowering messages come straight from the heart – she digs deep into her own authentic self to connect with others and guide them to a place of personal and professional confidence. Her inspirational empathy and sense of humor shine through her personal testimony. The triumphs over the challenges in her own life have given her the tools and

the passion to raise up those around her.  

When Coach K isn’t helping others understand their personal and professional purpose, she serves as a Queer Spirituality Coach, promoting healing and spiritual freedom. As an LGBTQ+ advocate, she inspires the queer community to remain connected, resilient, and purposeful. 


She promotes supporting one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. By doing so, she inspires individuals and builds healthier organizations with energized

purpose-driven teams and leaders. 

In her spare time, Coach K enjoys reading and watching personal development programs. She likes to immerse herself in nature and spend time with her beloved family. She lives a life of purpose, love, and freedom in Charlotte, NC.

Connect to Your Purpose & Unlock Your Potential

Professional keynotes and workshops are crafted to empower individuals to unleash their potential, connect to their purpose, and thrive in their wellbeing. 


I deliver powerful keynotes and workshops that provide individuals with the energy to create a deep connection to their purpose. My proven strategies create opportunities for teams and organizations to thrive with a purpose-driven mindset.

building resilience

Life comes at you with many challenges. But with the strength of a purposeful core, any obstacles can be overcome. I help individuals and teams develop the resilient mind and heart necessary to strive in an ever-changing world.  


Purpose-driven individuals and teams reach high-performance when they are equipped with the energy to thrive. I guide people with the tools they need to show up as their best selves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Who I serve

Teams, organizations, schools – all communities need a purpose.

I’ll be your guide on how to live and work on purpose!

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No business succeeds without a motivated and driven team. If you’re dreaming of higher performance and engagement – then your team should have their core purpose aligned with yours. Together, we’ll make sure your team is healthy, inspired, and energized!


Need an inspiring voice at your next event? From national empowerment summits to company conferences, I’ll rise to the occasion. I’ll move the crowd to connect more deeply to their purpose.


Having served the LGBTQ+ community for years, I continue to service myself to help individuals find purpose in their Queer identity. As a Queer individual, I provide holistic strategies proven to help LGBTQ peoples reach their potential and thrive authentically.

College Students 

The youth of our nation face unprecedented strife. Now more than ever, students need inspiring speakers to help them find their light. From in-class workshops to large ceremonies, I’ll embolden the next generation with the tools to live purposefully. 

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What are event organizers saying about coach K?

“Phenomenal is the adjective I’d like to use to describe our session. Your delivery and engagement with us as Martians were simply amazing.  Thank you for allowing us to share space with you and also for creating a space that truly felt safe. We are ready and excited for our next session !”

Bridgette McGee

Principal Scientist at MARS WRIGLEY

What are participants saying about the Purpose Experience?

“That having a purpose can focus your efforts into what's truly important and that allows you to be your best self in various situations, either professionally or personally.”

“I learned a lot about my values that I really didn't think too deeply about until the meeting. I even printed off my purpose statement and have it on my wall to look at for motivation every day.”

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