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"Helping our Queer Community experience spiritual freedom so that they can live a life of purpose..."

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    Kalyela Josephs (she/her) best known as Coach Kay. She is a Spiritual Life Coach who guides the LGBTQ community to experience love and peace with their spirituality and sexuality. She is considered a “Soulspeaker'' helping LGBTQ+ individuals heal limiting beliefs so they can live in their truth.

    Through first-hand experience, she knows the journey and challenges that a Queer person faces. For over 25 years as a lesbian, she struggled with religious trauma, lack of family acceptance, and internalized homophobia. As she encountered a spiritual awakening where she found her purpose and a sense of peace that being LGBTQ is a divine gift. Her mission is to help you receive the same so that you can live a life of purpose, love, and freedom.

    Kalyela resides in Charlotte, North Carolina where in her free time she loves to read, spend time with her family and her fur baby.

Her life’s mantra, “Live Life with Purpose."


Why work with Coach kay?

    Are you tired of sleepless nights? What about questioning if God loves and accepts you as an LGBTQ person? With this inner war there is no energy left for you create the life you want to experience. Coach Kay has created a 12-Step program that will help you heal and become the person you desire to be.

Where you are Right now

Where you want to be

  • Feeling Separate from God

  • Fearful of Hell

  • Conflict with Spirituality and Sexuality

  • Lacking self-love and acceptance

  • Feeling a Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Imbalance

  • Disconnected from your Life Purpose

  • Love and accepted by God

  • Oneness with your Spirituality and Sexuality

  • Silence the Inner-Critic

  • Self-Love & Empowerment 

  • Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually Whole

  • Sharing your purpose with the world

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Life-Changing Stories

"I struggled with my faith and being a lesbian. I didn't want to come out to my family and friends in fear of losing them. Working with Coach Kay helped me to understand the real barrier was a false belief that God didn't accept me, resulting in me not accepting myself. Through her coaching, I was able to rid of old beliefs that weren't a reflection of who I am. I was able to come out to my family and friends, now freely living in my truth..."


"As a bisexual man, my biggest challenge was living outside of what society says how I am supposed to experience relationships. Internally, this made me feel that I always had to "pick a team". Coach Kay help me to realize that was untrue and I can love whomever I wish unconditionally. She helped me move past societal pressures and really take ownership of what I want to experience in my life. Now, I am able to confidently be with whomever I choose without feeling the need to justify my love."



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