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Hey, I'm Coach K, 
"I help the LGBTQ+ community THRIVE professionally and spiritually..."  

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Meet Coach K

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    Hey, I’m Kalyela Josephs (they/she) best known as Coach K, I’m an LGBTQ+ Coach, Speaker, Wellbeing Advocate and founder of QueeronPurpose Coaching. 


    Being 'Who I Am' in both the workplace and in my spiritual life was a challenge I initially perceived as a barrier rather than a strength. Early in my career, I was told that my intersectional identity as a Black Latin Queer Woman, coupled with my education from a Historically Black College, would hinder my success in corporate spaces. 


    Similarly, I was taught that spirituality and queerness couldn't coexist. In response, I internalized this narrative, dimming my light and distancing myself from LGBTQ+ ERGs and communities to 'fit in'. However, after years of feeling isolated and stagnant in my career, I realized that my truth resided in embracing every part of my identity. 


    This revelation propelled me forward, inspiring me to found QueeronPurpose Coaching LLC, where I am dedicated to helping the LGBTQ+ community thrive both professionally and spiritually. Through coaching sessions, workshops, and advocacy initiatives, I prioritize inclusivity and diversity, fostering environments where everyone can thrive. 


    My work extends to supporting LGBTQ+ ERG leaders,  DEI practitioners, and allies effecting change in Fortune 500 companies. These change-makers are on the frontlines of policy change, advocating for equitable healthcare and Trans Rights, all with the aim of co-creating workplaces where LGBTQ+ professionals feel seen and heard. 


    It's been a source of gratitude to assist thousands of Queer Leaders and professionals in finding authenticity and purpose in their leadership journeys and beyond.

What are event organizers saying about coach K?

“Phenomenal is the adjective I’d like to use to describe our session. Your delivery and engagement with us as Martians were simply amazing.  Thank you for allowing us to share space with you and also for creating a space that truly felt safe. We are ready and excited for our next session !”

Bridgette McGee

Principal Scientist at MARS WRIGLEY

What are participants saying?

“That having a purpose can focus your efforts into what's truly important and that allows you to be your best self in various situations, either professionally or personally.”

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