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Pride on purpose 

Thriving as a purpose-driven LGBTQ+ Leader

    Living out as an LGBTQ+ professional while functioning in a society that often ostracizes our community isn’t easy. Despite being valuable assets, LGBTQ+ employees face unique challenges such as underrepresentation in role models, earning a seat at the decision table, and barriers to advancement opportunities. Participants will dig deep into their “whys” in life and work. Uncover how purpose can be used as a catalyst for growth and help you THRIVE as an LGBTQ+ professional.

Unmasking impostor syndrome


    Unmask how Imposter Syndrome casts a shadow over LGBTQ+ leaders, echoing feelings of 'not good enough' often tied to their identities, which can ultimately lead to burnout. This transformative experience is designed to equip LGBTQ+ leaders with actionable strategies to silence their inner critic, offering guidance to boldly step into their leadership roles authentically. Together, we will unravel the complexities of Imposter Syndrome, redefining success, and fully embracing the fearless leader that resides within everyone. 

Authentic influence

Communicating with clarity and impact as lgbtQ+ leaders

    In this session, tailored for LGBTQ+ professionals, participants learn essential communication strategies to articulate ideas authentically and with impact. Through interactive exercises, attendees explore techniques for effective dialogue with senior leaders and ERGs, fostering inclusivity and driving positive change within their organizations.

Brand you!

Building a bold and authentic lgbtq+ presence

    Explore the intersection of authenticity and personal branding tailored for Queer professionals and leaders in this empowering workshop. Uncover strategies to build an authentic professional brand that aligns with your identity, addressing the unique challenges faced by Queer individuals in the professional sphere.


Empower your journey,

Embrace your strength

    One of the key issues facing LGBTQ+ professionals is workplace stress. This stress is a result of very real fears of discrimination, as well as masking their identity from leadership and colleagues, which can lead to unhappiness and burnout. Stress left untreated can manifest itself at the individual level with low energy, impaired judgment, and reduced engagement within your organization.


    We will discuss the various stressors in our lives and commit to building resilience. Together, we'll explore strategies to combat workplace stress, foster personal growth and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for LGBTQ+ professionals and leaders.

QueeronPurpose Coaching is crafted with you in mind, whether you're an event organizer seeking dynamic programming for Pride Month or ERG conferences, or a LGBTQ+ professional aiming to elevate your development. It's all about creating a space where you can flourish personally and professionally.


Why is it so important for organizations? Well, investing in LGBTQ+ leadership development isn't just about checking boxes—it's about fostering a workplace that's inclusive, supportive, and downright empowering. Together, we'll equip you with the confidence and tools you need to navigate the professional world effectively, all while driving positive change and championing diversity within your organization.

Choose AN Experience:

Workshop formats to best suit the participant experience 

In-person Experience 

An immersive LGBTQ+ coaching session, tailor-made for conferences, fostering connection and growth.

Virtual Experience 

Experience the power of QueeronPurpose coaching from anywhere in the world, uniting LGBTQ+ individuals globally during PRIDE month for transformative growth.

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6-week virtual experience 

A transformative 6-week journey tailored for LGBTQ+ leaders and small teams, immersing in the full suite of QueeronPurpose workshops for profound growth and community connection.

(Open enrollment for corporate ERG teams and individuals pursuing professional growth; cohort size 10-16)

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What are participants

"I left the Resilience Unleashed session and  enlightened by the tools Coach K shared. I felt empowered and motivated which I believe will aid in continual focus towards desired

goals are accomplished."


Out & Equal

Diverse Leaders Fellowship Cohort Participant 

"I attended the Pride on Purpose session and after realized my purpose is creating safety for others. Whether it's in little ways or in being part of DEI, going out and advocating. I just want to make the world a little bit safer of a place."

                                       VM Ware

ERG PRIDE Pod member

"My goodness the richness of this session has been phenomenal. I would love to join any session

Coach K teaches!"

                                       Mars Wrigley

African American and Pride ERG member

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